Much Update. So Photo. Wow.

So I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing. I’ve just been really busy. Got lots of things going on. Mostly just being a lazy piece of shit who shamelessly sits around in his underwear all day, looking at internet pictures, and falling in love with girls after seeing a few of their internet pictures. Being a piece of shit in general.  I do some online shopping too. Well, more like online browsing for things I’d never even use. I found some battle armor for cats, which I feel like I really need. I don’t have a cat though so I probably can’t justify spending $600 on it. But if I did have a cat, man that cat would be the coolest cat on the block.

I did, however, buy a new lens for my camera. It’s a 50mm because I need that bokehliciousness. I haven’t gotten to use it too much though. If I’m being completely honest, I got a little discouraged because I took it for a test run and the photos came out subpar. Not even mediocre in quality and to me it was very disappointing. Might need to take pictures of more stationary subjects though because the lack of autofocus is a thorn in my dick. I’ll keep at it though and try to get better, because I’m no punk bitch and I gotta catch up to that fucker Gary Oak. Wut. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my “puppies” that I managed to snap and actually kind of liked. Enjoy!