Picture Unrelated #1: Tooting Your Own Horn

Well, shit. Seems that once again, I’ve neglected this thing worse than the 10 year old wizard living in the cupboard under the Dursley’s staircase. Apologies for my absence, but I am back and I’ve got a few projects in the works, the first of which I’ll call Picture Unrelated. Since a lot of the pictures I post have nothing to do with what I write, I thought I’d run with that theme. Sweet, sweet irrelevance. More than likely, it’ll just be a series of passive aggressive rants, complaining about anything I can find. I was looking back at my previous posts and the most recent ones were oddly positive and upbeat. The whole point of this online personal journal was to talk shit and judge people and hate on things in general, and frankly, I’m very disappointed in myself for doing basically the opposite.

I’ll start things off kind of light, with some diet hate. I don’t know if the words, “You have good taste in music” have ever been uttered to you, but I think it’s overlooked as a really pretentious thing to say. Sure, at first it sounds like a harmless compliment; someone commending another person on their choice of music. But if you like to needlessly dissect things under a hater microscope like I do, you’ll actually hear some asshole congratulating themselves on being the authority on what good music is. Pardon me, but I don’t remember asking for your approval. Also, I don’t need you to tell me I have good taste in music. Bitch, I KNOW. Look, all you had to say was, “Hey, I like what you’re listening to.” But noooo, you had to bend over and kiss your own ass. How’d you even manage to give an opinion nobody asked for with your lips so preoccupied? Look here Mr. Music Police, sit down and shut the fuck up because it’s literally just air vibrating in different waves, so let people enjoy whatever combination of those vibrations they want and go butter up your ego toast elsewhere.

Thanks for reading. Please enjoy some photographs I took as a token of my undying gratitude. I guess today’s theme is (oak) trees and lights. [Inside joke.]


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