Picture Unrelated #2: Damn You, Google Chrome!

My Google Chrome web browser recently updated and one of the byproducts of said update is the disabling of the “backspace” key as a shortcut to go back a page on the browser. It is now “ALT + left arrow” to achieve the desired function. This move was really infuriating on a few levels. First off, I’ve been using this shortcut for forever and it’s second-nature to me. I don’t even have to look down to know where the backspace key is. But now, instead of simply hitting one key, I have to look down to make sure I’m hitting the right buttons. PLURAL. So not only do I have to now use two hands, I also have to shift my eyes slightly downwards to punch in the correct button combination. Why would you regress to a less ergonomic motion? Good lawd, man! Add this to the list of things I can’t get to work correctly with my fingers!  Worst of all, the geniuses over there decided to make this move affect everybody instead of just giving users the option to pick whichever method they’d rather use. Thanks, Google. Thanks for making my life marginally more difficult. Now I have to use my trackpad and move my mouse all the way over to the top left corner every time I want to go back a page.

This week’s photo theme is in honor of the recently concluded Olympic Games. These sneakers here are my friend, Aaron’s, Olympic Nike Prestos. USA! USA! USA!


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