Picture Unrelated #4: Big, Fat Phony!

I used to be really impressed with people who could solve Rubik’s cubes. Then I found out there was an algorithm to solving it and the magic was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. All this time, I thought these guys were some sort of wizards: solving like five cubes at once, with blindfolds on, while juggling. But really, they were just following steps, more or less. I mean I could probably follow steps. Probably. Maybe. Now I’m slightly less impressed, but only slightly.

Only one picture today. It was the only one I thought was worth sharing from a set I shot a while back. The more I looked at the other photos, the less I liked them. I’m actually really unsatisfied at the quality of the photographs I’ve taken, but I guess I won’t ever really be satisfied with them, and to me, that’s not a bad thing. Not bad at all. Anyway, thanks for reading.



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