Picture Unrelated #6: Unconditional Love

I think a phrase that gets thrown around all too casually is, “unconditional love.” I’ll hear or read couples proclaim their unconditional love for each other and can’t help but be a little irked by how stupid it sounds. Yeah, I get that people just want to tell their significant others how much they love them, and saying “unconditionally” sounds like a good substitute for “a lot” but it’s really just irresponsible and uncreative. By definition, unconditional means without condition, i.e. not limited in any way. This might be somewhat presumptive of me, but I don’t think anyone could love anyone else without some sort of provisos. You love them ON THE CONDITION that they love you back (or at least like you). You love them ON THE CONDITION that they don’t put other people’s genitals in their mouth. Maybe? It’s definitely up there on my list of demands, or conditions, if you will, for me to love someone romantically. This list also includes, but is not limited to: not having a surprise penis, not being a blood relative, not being a person who leaves hate comments on YouTube videos, and not being a cereal rapist. I could never love someone who insists on sticking their dick in my morning bowl of flakes and frosting it themselves.

Seriously though, I think unconditional love can only exist between a parent and their child. That is not to say that it always exists between the two, because there are shit parents and shit children. That is also not to say that unconditional love is always a good thing. Something so pure and powerful still has the capacity to destroy if it isn’t controlled. So I guess it’s kind of like meth? It’s probably awesome, but it’ll fuck your shit up if you let it take over your life.

This week’s photo is actually related to the topic. I joke around with the meth comparison and dick cereal, but with all sincerity, I think few things in life can compare to the warmth and safety of a mother’s love. Unconditional love.


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