A New Beginning

*Blows away figurative dust.* It’s been a while since I’ve written and I apologize to anyone who eagerly waits for each installment of ASS. I told myself I wouldn’t let this thing die, and, yet, here it is, on its last legs, gasping for air as it draws its final breaths. I’ve had this website for a little over a year and I realized I was well short of a year’s worth of posts. But I’m here now. I’m here to resuscitate my brainchild and hopefully make it even better than it was before. You see, I had a whole theme with my posts before and I think I was getting a little too cute with what I was doing, instead of focusing on pushing meaningful content. I became discouraged. Discouraged because I got caught up in the number of clicks and likes I would get per post. I started to post things that I thought would satisfy my need for instant gratification and ended up not being satisfied with any of my work. Then I became lazy. Lazy, because…well, lazy because that’s who I am inherently, as a person. I don’t  know how it happened, but I started believing that my lethargy was a good thing and became a massive underachiever who tried to get away with putting in as minimal work as possible, and it had worked thus far because I had enough talent to just float by. It’s like in Friday Night Lights where the white dude tells Boobie Miles he didn’t lift and Boobie responds with, “C’mon man, this is God given. Only thing I gotta do is show up.” That was me for the longest time, except unlike him, I wasn’t the star player and never even wanted to be. I just showed up to show up. But aside from puberty, I’ve experienced more growth in these past few months than I have in about 20 years. I think I’ve finally learned that hard work can be more gratifying than those few extra hours of sleep. So from now on, you can expect a post from me almost daily, whether it be photographs or some insight from my day.

Written 2/7/17



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