Before the end of 2017, I traveled to Boston with my favorite person in the entire fucking world: me. It was my first time travelling alone so I felt a bit of anxiety but at the same time it was kind of empowering. I don’t need my shit friends! (If they’re reading this, I’m just kidding and I love them all.) But there is something therapeutic about just wandering around alone. I didn’t have to worry about anyone else and just did whatever the fuck I wanted. I loved the feeling of stopping to take photographs without feeling like I had to rush or that I was being bothersome to my companions, even though that’s probably not how they’d feel and I just live inside my own head. Anyway, enjoy some street photography. P.S. If you’re ever in Boston go this literal hole-in-the-wall Chinese place called Wai Wai’s for the best fucking roasted duck you’ll ever have in your entire motherfucking life.


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