Picture Unrelated #4: Big, Fat Phony!

I used to be really impressed with people who couldĀ solveĀ Rubik’s cubes. Continue reading “Picture Unrelated #4: Big, Fat Phony!”


Picture Unrelated #2: Damn You, Google Chrome!

My Google Chrome web browser recently updated and one of the byproducts of said update is the disabling of the “backspace” key as a shortcut to go back a page on the browser. It is now “ALT + left arrow” to achieve the desired function. Continue reading “Picture Unrelated #2: Damn You, Google Chrome!”

Onwards, To Discovery! (Green)

What started out as a road trip to Beaumont to satisfy a craving for oxtails took an unexpected turn and became a day of semi-drunken exploration. I didn’t get the food I wanted but I did get some good photos and a life lesson. The kind of friends who are willing to drive to a different city just for food are the best kind of friends, but the kind of friends who can salvage an otherwise disappointing situation and make the best of it are even better.