Hello, my name is…

Prepare your brain anus (brainus?)! A longwinded and virtually meaningless commentary about how meta introductions are is on the way. No, but really though, I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my thoughts into a first post, and what better way than to literally talk about introductions. To me, it’s just so peculiar that you think that you know yourself until you have to introduce yourself to a room full of strangers and all of a sudden, the millions of wonderful, beautiful things about you are forgotten and you kind of have no idea what to tell people about yourself besides your name and why the fuck you’re there. Unless…this only happens to me and I’m just an asshole who is putting far too much thought into something so inconsequential? Well if nothing else, it lets me segue into an introduction as it pertains to this online personal journal (I’m trying to refrain from calling it a blog.)

So yes, I am indeed an asshole who puts far too much thought into the trivial and I just needed a place to put it all. But mostly, I’m an observer. I’m an observer with a lot of time on my hands since the job search has been slow (read: nonexistent). With that observation, naturally, comes interpretation, and along with that, discovery: discovery of one’s surroundings and discovery of one’s self. And when you discover, I think it’s natural to want to share your findings. So while this online personal journal is meant to push me to go experience new things and learn from them, it’s equally meant for readers to get a secondhand look at something they may not have ever considered before and it would be massively rewarding if I could inspire someone else to get out of their comfort zone.

But Nhat, why is the name of your page “Always Sole Searching”? Isn’t the proper term “soul searching”? Well, I’m glad you were paying attention. I intentionally did that because not only am I impossibly handsome and almost irresponsibly charming, but I am quite the cunning linguist (ayyy) with a quick tongue (ayyy). But in all seriousness, the wordplay/pun or whatever you want to call it, can simply be attributed to my love of shoes. If I’m being completely honest, the bulk of my posts will probably be sneaker photography. Sneaker photography and me complaining about the dismal amount of stupid people I have to deal with. But there will be some introspective posts that can be considered soul searching, in case anyone was looking forward to that. So, consider this an invitation, to anyone who may be reading, to join me as I stumble around blindly, trying to get the most of out of the short time I have on this floating speck of dust. Hopefully we’ll get to see some cool shit along the way.